• Romanie Assez


"I’m Aiesha and I’m a freelance Sound Engineer, AV technician, a mother and a student.

COVID-19 has ultimately taken away my entire income stream for the unforeseeable future. Gig economy has essentially become non-existent as all venues, festivals and gigs have been cancelled. This has been announced just as the season was sadly about to pick up. As a technician in the corporate world all offices are basically closed which has also stopped the potential of work in that area as well. It’s a huge industry that’s just dried up and a huge blow to not only my family but so many others.

The upcoming weeks and months to come will be difficult for all of us. It’s honestly hard to see or predict what this will all look like as the situation changes every few days. During this period I’ll be using my time to be as creative as I can and I encourage you all to be doing the same. Work on those mixes you keep saying you’ll come back to, write more, produce more. Use this time to up-skill, get your chops up on pro tools, Logic, Ableton etc.

There are so many avenues for us now to be able to collaborate online and we’ve never been in a better position to do it than now with the technology we have at our fingertips.

If you feel like you are struggling during this time please don’t be afraid to reach out to me or to anyone in your network. Support Act is an amazing organisation that has a 24hr hotline you can call if you are a roadie, soundie, musician, artist in this industry and are feeling lost during this time.

(Support Act: 1800 959 500)

I've only recently joined the music community here in Melbourne and for the short time I’ve been a part of it I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support I’ve witnessed in this community. We’ll get through this. Together."

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