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"My name is Al James, I'm a musician and filmmaker. I've been writing rhymes for the past few years and just recently have started to teach myself how to produce and arrange instrumentals. Additionally, I've made a series of short films and pilots for myself which has lead to me making ads for Carlton Dry and the esteemed Parkview Hotel. Film and music are two passions of mine that I see as incredibly instrumental for communicating my unique point of view to the world. COVID-19 has actually forced me to get far more creative in my approach to my creative endeavours (which is somewhat ironic). I've been forced to use the equipment and resources I have (my iphone, laptop, microphone and myself) to push myself to reimagine new ways of engaging an audience and make things I find funny, entertaining or moving. It's also caused me to become more reflective in not only my approach to creative endeavours but my place in the world.  I have recently started a visual radio show (the Al James radio show) which I post on Youtube and Instagram as a way of experimenting with different characters, skits and music. I've got a co-host Virgginia who keeps me on my toes (in the picture attached, her and I are workshopping an idea for the next episode of the Al James radio show). It's proven to be a lot of fun and I'm starting to get guests on board to appear on the radio show! I've been eating a lot more veiges and good stuff and making sure I exercise regularly so I stay in good spirits.  

Just go for it. Whatever it is you want to do. Ultimately, people don't really care what you're doing and they never will unless you do. So you might as well give a shit about what you're doing and not worry what others have to think about it. Have fun, be dumb because sooner or later everyone's race is run!"

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