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"My name is Alison and I work as a Studio Manager for a music school (Mustud Music Studio in Hawthorn), and as the lead singer/writer for Howlite, my band.

Our studio has had to become entirely virtual - we are now operating online through Zoom and creating content for our students (worksheets, video tutorials etc). This has meant reduced hours for all staff, and likely the loss of some students.

Howlite has decided to postpone our upcoming EP as we can no longer complete the film clips we had planned, and we won't be touring anytime soon! There has been a huge explosion of artists releasing music or playing instagram live shows at the moment, and we decided that if we released our stuff right now, it would probably just get lost in the noise.

Luckily my partner and I are able to work from home, and after I got over my initial anxiety/panic/impending doom breakdown, I'm just trying to enjoy this time that I wouldn't normally have had, and being aware of the privilege I have to be in a home, in a job, and healthy. I'm not placing pressure on myself to create or complete anything specific, just doing fun things like drawing or practicing guitar, tarot cards, DuoLingo, all the shit I always say I never have time for. Probably gonna give myself a mullet. Fuck it.

Stay in contact with friends and family, read reputable news sources and keep up to date with Centrelink/APRA/other industry figure updates, sit in the sunshine, take a deep breath. Just get through today."

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