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"I’m Amber, I manage The Night Cat, a live music venue in Fitzroy.

In the weeks prior to the lock down we saw a drastic reduction in patronage. Since the lockdown we have been unable to trade at all which has left me and the rest of our staff without an income.

I’m having to rely on Centrelink at the moment, though I’m lucky that I am in a position where I know I will have a job to return to once social distancing protocols have been relaxed.

With my abundant free time I’ve been playing guitar a lot, I have been spending a lot of time with my housemates and boyfriend and I’ve been cooking and reading a lot. I’ve been deep cleaning my house and talking on the phone with people that I care about who I cannot see in person.

My biggest take away from the time I’ve had to spend inside is that I’m really glad I decided to start playing an instrument last year, it’s been really fulfilling and a good way to spend my time and connect with the people that I’m isolating with. I would say that if anyone has a hobby or creative pursuit that they’ve wanted to do for a while then now is the time to set that in motion.

Finally, it’s comforting for me to remember that this is only temporary and perhaps for me, a good reminder that’s things are going to continue to go on (and maybe even be okay in the end) even if I’m not totally in control of my current situation."

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