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Who are you and what is your involvement in the arts industry? My name is Brandon and I am one of the co-founders of Muso, a live music booking platform that connects musicians with gigs.

How has COVID-19 affected your work? I think it's safe to say that the arts and entertainment industry is one of the most affected industries throughout these rather strange times. Pre COVID19, we had facilitated over $600k worth of bookings and this was rapidly increasing each month. We are an extremely energised team who thrives off each-others energy within our office workspace. Culture has always been pivotal for the Muso team in creating a supporting environment in which individuals and teams can thrive. Keeping a strong culture has been challenging throughout COVID but more than ever, as a team we actually feel like we're as close as ever. With the impacts of COVID19, Muso has seen drastic impacts on our gig booking numbers and huge changes to how we manage our team culture and motivations.

Not everything is bad though. These unprecedented times have presented a number of opportunities for Muso, including the ability to form powerful industry partnerships and double down on our product to best serve artists and venues when things do return to normal.

How do you intend on spending your time during this period? What are you doing to stay active? The challenge has been keeping as much as my pre COVID19 routine as possible. My attitude prior and throughout COVID has very much been a 'do not leave any stone unturned' attitude each day. This is an attitude I've carried out throughout my whole life and has driven me each day to ensure that I work productively and achieve my daily personal goals as well. Being proud of what I've achieved each day ensures that I carry a purpose with me for everything I do.

I think staying super conscious of what's working and what's not working is important as well in terms of how you're spending your time. I've changed my routine slightly to adapt to the new climate and have included regular physical activity throughout my day to help clear my mind and keep my mind fresh when tackling new tasks/challenges.

Do you have any words of wisdom for the readers? I would say critically analyse your past routines and understand exactly what worked for you and why. This is everything from your work life right through to your personal life. Understanding what gets you out of bed and what keeps you motivated day in and day out will allow you to both plan and prioritise your day in good ol' iso life. Always keep the bigger picture in mind and keep a glass half full mindset as best you can. COVID will pass and things will normalise. Be excited for the future and embrace the unknown. Take everything one day at a time and make the right decisions each day for your career, your health and your personal life.

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