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I’m Casey and I’m the Head of Marketing at Untitled Group. We run a bunch of events such as Beyond The Valley, Grapevine Gathering, Pitch Music & Arts and more. I began working for the team almost 5 years ago now, when we just had a little nightclub called Anyway and Beyond The Valley had just begun. 5 years later and I’m marketing up to 200 shows a year! It’s exhausting just saying that number and can be very challenging at times but there’s no better feeling than being at a sold out event and looking out to a sea of music lovers.  

COVID has changed my day-to-day work dramatically. Pre-COVID we were marketing many shows at once and overnight everything just came to a halt. It was very strange but it allowed myself and the team to think of new, innovative ideas to grow our brand and thrive during this weird time. I came up with the concept of our Virtual Day Party. None of us had ever run a virtual event before so there was a lot to learn! I have also been doing a lot of online Seminars and workshops - this time has really allowed me to learn and grow. 

I'm trying to stay active during this time. I have actually started running! I couldn’t run 500 metres to save my life and now I can do almost 5k! I have also been cooking a lot. It has been such a nice time to do things I didn’t have time to do before. Life was so busy pre-COVID and I feel a lot of people are slowing down and appreciating the little things. 

Just take this time to do the things you love, have never had time to do, or never thought you could do! Spend time with friends and just appreciating the down time. We will never have this again - it happens once a century! 

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