• Romanie Assez


"COVID 19 has affected all live show revenue to the artists we represent. This has been through cancelations from festivals, headline touring and one off shows which will continue to the foreseeable future

The last few weeks have been crazy with nonstop postponing, cancelling and rescheduling shows. It’s been a challenge to plan ahead to the future when we have no answers but we’ve been working on contingency plans to be prepared for the worst possible outcomes.

Even though shows have been postponed to later in the year and 2021, punters have lost their confidence to purchase tickets and it's going to take some time to rebuild this up again.

One solution will be having cheaper ticket prices to make shows more affordable for everyone. Worrying about something we cannot control will not change the outcome. I keep reminding myself to accept the situation, keep planning ahead and just be patient with it all.

Also thinking of innovative ways we can generate income for artists such as brand collaborations, creating engaging content etc. We’re so lucky to have technology so accessible to us all.

Focusing on your mental health and self love is more important than ever. Taking the time out of your day to meditate, get fresh air or exercise has really helped my motivation and productivity. Do whatever makes you feel good! I have also been trying new things like learning Spanish and trying out new recipes. Also checking in with family and friends regularly through video calls has helped me stay positive and connected.

I’ve been utilising this time to dig deeper to discover new artists. Aus Music T-Shirt Day is on today and is a great time to support your favourite artist by purchasing a T-Shirt.

It’s a stressful time but we need to have confidence that things will improve and there will be light at the end of the tunnel."

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