• Romanie Assez


"I’m Elisha, I’m 20 and I’m the front woman and songwriter for my band ‘Elisha’.

Because of this whole COVID-19 situation I have lost all my gigs for the year and my part time work in hospitality. I’ve also lost the opportunity to finish producing our next single, as all studios have now closed.

I live in Melbourne, but right now I’m staying with parents to spend some quality time with them. It’s better to tackle this isolation thing with your family close by.

To keep me busy I’ve been writing some new stuff for when we can be free to perform and record. I’ve also been reading, knitting and painting as a creative outlet to keep my mind busy during this time.

I’d recommend getting arty and expressing yourself in a way that maybe you haven’t done before, whether that’s through painting, drawing or crafting something new.

As musicians we all know the struggle and the only thing that makes this easier is knowing that everyone else is in the same boat. So support each other by streaming Aussie music and buying merch (if you can). It makes all the difference to know that someone has your back during this time. Take care of each other. "

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