• Romanie Assez


"The pandemic has affected my life in a number of huge ways: I’ve lost all of my live performance work for covers and original music, I have had to cease with interviewing musicians for my Record The Resonance blog, and I have lost one of my casual jobs in hospitality.

My plan of action has been about trying to balance being productive and creative, while being conscious of my need for peace and rest in these extremely uncertain times. I’ve been doing a lot of live streaming on social media, and I have created a Twitch and Patreon account to try and get the ground work for some financial support with my music. I’ve also been using some of my free time to record and write a lot more for my own music so I can have plenty to release when the time is right!

Focusing so heavily on all the negative aspects of this time can become a huge detriment to your mental health and wellbeing. It is crucial to understand your responsibility in these crazy times, but it does not need to consume your every thought and movement. Let yourself mourn the opportunities you’ve lost, and feel frustrated with adjustments that come with these changes in your lifestyle, but be open to growth and how you can use your circumstances to develop a new perspective on your life and the world that you have built around you. And don’t hoard toilet paper."

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