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My name is Emilia, I'm a Melbourne based performer, vocalist, composer, teacher, music journalist, manager and PR/booking agent! I've been lucky enough to tour and play festivals interstate and overseas with my main two bands that I manage, The Mamas and Miss Emilia, and been heavily involved in the local music industry for 5 years now as a BV and sessional vocalist in some incredible local Australian bands. I'm always striving as a booking agent to have females to the front in shows I curate, and like to put the female perspective and messages of empowerment forward in the music I write.

As an artist, as all of us have dealt with recently, all gigs for the foreseeable future have been cancelled. A huge part of income has been cut and taken from under our feet.

Luckily I run a music school, Solfege House, and we'll be moving all classes online as of this week, to keep income coming through but also a way to keep our beautiful community connected and engaged! There are plans of hosting live streamed gigs and producing some exciting online content, but mainly I'll be using this time to write, record, and create music and art - I'm thankful to have such a beautiful strong community around me, where we can still work together and create art together from our homes."

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