• Romanie Assez


"Over the last year, I have worked extremely hard on my songwriting and a release strategy to support 2 releases in 2020. All that work has gone out the window. On the side of music I run a mental health meet up for people in the music industry called “Breakfast Club”. Its purpose is to get people off online platforms and social media to meet like-minding people in person. Now that we are forced onto virtual platforms for connection, this work is very hard to do and will be harder than ever on the other side. I have come to term with my losses and have now moved on. I am loving this new environment where all rules have been thrown out and creatives can run wild to adapt the new world. I have been learning new skills and working on old ones. I also acknowledge that the music industry will probably never be the same, so trying to adapt to the change in a way that works for now but also for the future. I will be focusing a lot of time on writing music and my podcast “Anonymous Musicians”. The podcast is about mental health in the music industry. During this crisis we have and will be interviewing people from all corners of the industry to see how they have been affected in this time and how they are adapting. So far we have episodes on venues and sound techs, Isol-Aid Festival, community radio, and we will be interviewing people in the dance scene next week. It’s been amazing to see how in times like this all areas of the music industry has started working together so that there will be a functioning industry at the end of this. Don’t socially distance - physically distance! Community is EVERYTHING right now. This is not a time to “win”, it’s a time to help each-other get through this together. Surround yourself with an online community - If you figure out something then share it, if something is working for you, share it." Here is a link to the podcast:

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