• Romanie Assez


"My name is Georgie, and I’m a musician from Melbourne. Along with a shit load of other people, COVID-19 hit pretty hard. The music world is one built on networking and unity, to have that taken away for an unknown amount of time is something I don’t think anyone had thought was possible.

It took a while, but once I’d wrapped my head around gig cancellations etc I figured that I needed to channel that energy and time in to something else. I have been doing my best to delve into other avenues like launching merchandise and learning to produce my own music. I think it’s important that creatives are not putting too much pressure on themselves to be productive during this bizarre time. Like if your artistic outlet is helping you to make sense of what’s happening and is helping you to process your emotions then that’s amazing, but if you’re just chilling and trying to work out your next move, that’s also amazing. Look after your health and yourself ."

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