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"I’m Indiana Williams, I’m a recording artist and song-writer from Melbourne, recently having released my debut single ‘Picture This’.

I like to think of my music as what I call ‘Dream-pop’ it’s a really airy aesthetic sound that coincides with lyrics reflecting on my own coming of age life experiences, which I hope people can really relate to and of course jam to! I write all my music starting with nothing but my phone and iPad, I like to challenge myself with the idea that you can make something amazing from what you have in-front if you. So when it came to the time of Covid-19 even though it would seem pretty difficult to make a music debut I still wanted to persevere and challenge myself to go into lockdown and come out of it as a pop artist.

I couldn’t perform or go out to the streets, so it was up to letting my music speak for itself online. Through streaming platforms, I have been extremely blessed to have so many supportive people who have loved my music and have been excited to hear it and for me, it’s helped me to understand that making music and sharing it with the world is what I want to do in life more than ever.

I find staying positive incredibly important. Taking the negatives as a sign to stop and reflect about your journey ahead is a great way to look at moving forward. I’ve been using the time to fine tune creating how I want to share who I am with the world, so that when it comes time to perform, or time to release something new, I’m going to feel more ready than before.

What’s next: ‘Picture This’ created a foundation about who I am in music, and I’m excited for my next single and upcoming EP to explore that further my love and loss in relationships all wrapped up into one and I’m aiming to work harder at getting my music out there no matter the challenge."

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