• Romanie Assez


"My name is Jad and I am a singer songwriter/artist. During these times my gigs and opportunities to play live have been cancelled but in itself it has given me the opportunity to go back to the roots of what I do.

I am staying active by practicing my craft and writing new songs as the days go by. Listening to different genres of music and watching a lot of films fromaround the world is really helping me find new inspiration for a new sound and writing differently to what I am used to.

I’d say to take your time to find the reason you started playing music in the first place which is to fulfil yourself and feed your soul with joy.

I would definitely say that there is plenty of time and to live your life a day at a time. Getting back into that flow state and just expressing all of your emotions through your craft helps cope with this situation , doing this will help you write authentically and wholesomely."

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