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Who are you and what is your involvement in the arts industry?

I'm Jared and my only involvement in the arts industry is working for Muso as a programmer. I've always dabbled in creative arts on a hobby basis including graphic design, alternative typography, poetry and music. My mother was a music teacher so playing some kind of instrument has always been part of my life as long as I can remember.

How has COVID-19 affected your work?

I'm extraordinarily lucky to have a highly portable profession that's conducive to both collaborative and solitary environments. Being stuck at home only affects my work indirectly; via the general affect it has on my overall mental state and energy levels. It's surprising how much something small like a walk to and from the train station can really throw off your routine - I didn't realise how much that small expenditure of energy helped me wake up until I started going straight from bed to chair. As I'm sure everyone has figured out by now, having a routine is really important for giving your day structure.

How do you intend on spending your time during this period? What are you doing to stay active?

Before COVID-19 I had a pretty strict (indoor) exercise routine which I've modified to balance the fact that I'm walking less. I also walk to the supermarket most days and fill a backpack which gets me out of the house and prevents me needing to take my car out. I'm also lucky that most of my hobbies were fairly solitary anyway (hobby code, wood carving, piano accordion) so I've been able to indulge in those a little more. I'm keen for a haircut, though.

Do you have any words of wisdom for the readers, maybe something to inspire or reflect on?

I like to think of COVID-19 as something that is pulling us together as much as it is forcing us apart. There has been no greater show of community solidarity and unified purpose across generations and demographics than staying home and masking up for the odd run to the supermarket, in our generation's lifetime. That said, we all need to do our little bit to make sure the masks beat the tin-foil hats so make sure you publicly challenge your conspiracy theorist mates when they make public posts.

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