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My name is Jena Marino and I am the Creator of Melbourne music community, The Real Songwriters of Melbourne. RSOM has formed through a passion for music and the desire to help emerging songwriters create their pathway in the Melbourne music industry. Since 2014, I am proud to have worked with many talented artists in the Melbourne music scene through various avenues including RSOM Live showcases, networking nights as well as providing event and publicity consultancy for many of our artists. I am so proud of the community that RSOM has come to be and I am so proud of how talented, diverse, enthusiastic and powerful our Melbourne music scene is. COVID-19 has actually presented a new opportunity for the brand as the detrimental effects of COVID-19 on the live music industry urged me to do something to help these artists who all of a sudden woke up to find that all their shows have been cancelled. It got me thinking to why I started RSOM in the first place which is a space for music lovers to discover new Artists to listen to and support. RSOM is all about supporting those songwriters who are trying to turn their passion into a career and infact, this is the strongest that the brand has ever been and I could not be more thrilled. Since April, our most loved RSOM Live shows but on Instagram Live. RSOM Live is a space where songwriters and music lovers can join every Thursday night to celebrate and support these emerging songwriters in lockdown. It has been such a great opportunity for myself to meet new artists that I haven't worked with before, for artists to perform whilst in lockdown and for music lovers to discover new local music and show support to the live music community. The feedback that I have received from the artists displayed have been overwhelming as they have been grateful for the opportunity to perform despite being in quarantine with the uncertainty of when they will be able to perform again. For me, this support reinforced my passion to continue this and make this a reality. In my live videos, I have been open and honest with my own personal experience of dealing with isolation as RSOM Live has been a huge benefit for my mental health as the effects of COVID-19 have left me feeling very anxious and uncertain about the future. I'm not sure what I would be doing if I wasn't doing what I love. So, if I have to give one piece of advice, I would say that while the world has slowed down, use this time to reflect on what you really wish to do with your life and use this opportunity as a means to be productive and get one step closer to pursuing your dream. Isolation reignited my passion and I am so grateful for this and am so keen to see where the future takes us.

This coming Sunday the 16th of August RSOM will be hosting its first Online Networking Night!

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