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"My name is Kaitlin, I'm a dancer based in Melbourne. I am a professional performer and teacher within the realm of contemporary dance.

COVID-19 has affected everything I’ve been working on: my contracts, performances, teaching work. As dancers we need space and community to function and to develop artistically. All main resources, income, and ability to dowhat we do has been completely stripped from this pandemic. Realising our profession almost doesn’t exist right now makes the world very unsettling and dry.

We are very fortunate to have a community where artists are the first people to bind together and make things work when the odds are against us. I’ve started teaching classes online as well as participating in classes from around the world, which I never thought I’d be able to do. I’m using this time to develop my weaknesses and insecurities as a mover. I’ve been dreaming of bigger things for myself in the future, which is keeping my spirit and mind positive for when this season is over.

My message to the community: It’s very much okay to be sad. It’s okay to grieve over the things you’ve temporarily lost. Let yourself feel those things. I keep reminding myself of the fresh and powerful art that will come out of this dark place. It’s important to know you are not losing time and you’re not losing your identity as an artist. Our community is strong and we are important people in this fragile world."

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