• Romanie Assez


"My name is Krishan, I am a sound engineer/producer and bass player based in Melbourne. Since the pandemic I've had to postpone a couple recording projects I had in the works and rethink my plans for the next few months. The launch gig for an EP i produced recently and a recording trip to Brisbane both had to be cancelled and I'm still trying to figure outwhere to go from here. I've always preferred to keep things face to face and record people playing together in a room which isn't feasible right now. I'm trying to figure out how to take things online for now.

We're lucky enough that the capacity for online connectivity exists in so many forms today, it might be time for me to hunker down and work on all those rainy day projects I've talked about with friends for the next few months. A big part of music is connecting with other people so it's sad to lose that aspect of the practice. That being said, artists are truly some of the most resilient people I've met and I have faith we will adapt, and overcome."

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