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"My name is Laura (everyone calls me Lozi) - I’m the publicist for Untitled Group’s music festivals and day parties as well as our record label ‘Daily Nightly’. Pre-COVID you could usually find me lurking around backstage at any Untitled Group event with a red wine and JUUL in hand.

I met the guys who started Untitled Group when some of them were only 20 years old about to launch Beyond The Valley. My first day of my first ever full time job I hopped into a car with one of the directors Nick, headed to Ticketmaster. Who knew I would be sitting here 7 years later! It’s been incredible to see the company grow to what it is today and be a part of it.

My work has been impacted because there’s obviously no events - it’s funny the random little things we miss -  I’ve weirdly been romanticising going to one of our events and sitting around an artificially lit site shed sitting on shitty plastic chairs having drinks with the Untitled family.

The record label on the other hand is thriving. There’s been so much incredible new music coming out - I’d highly recommend checking out Big Words new mixtape ‘Cherry’, my favourite release I’ve worked on. 

To stay active I have been training for a marathon so a lot of running as well as online yoga classes. It’s been really nice to step back and reflect on how fast life was moving. I love my work but it’s all consuming especially when you work all week then have events on the weekend. My sister and I have also moved in with my parents which has been interesting because they lived in Saudi Arabia for the last 9 years, we’ve been away from each other for so long and now all of a sudden in each others pockets.  

I asked my mum recently what she would’ve thought if she was told 10 years ago when she left for Saudi that her children would be living with her when they’re 30, and she said (jokingly) ’I would’ve thought you had gone through a serious trauma’…. which is true in a way. 

My advice to people during his time is that it’s ok to be doing nothing - I think there’s a lot of pressure to be super productive, learn a new skill etc. There’s a lot of societal issues surfacing at the moment - if you’re going to do something pay attention to those, educate yourself and participate in the conversation. I hope to see some societal shifts occurring as a result of this pandemic."

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