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"My name is Laura Noonan and I am a graphic designer and event producer working in the realm of the events industry, both employed as well as a freelancer.

Like many, COVID-19 has been tough. My full-time job has been stood down for the time being and most likely will be until the government announces changes to the social bans in place. I have faced a large decline in freelance work considering that I work with a lot of artists and other creatives both locally, nationally and internationally, who have all been affected and no longer require work. On the other hand, I have a handful of wonderful clients and friends in the industry reaching out, providing some work to keep me on my feet. It's so inspiring to see others, affected or not, pushing to support small businesses and sole traders is really important to keep the industry moving.

Now is a time for rest and planning. I spent my first couple of (workless) weeks trying to relax and unwind, comprehend what has been happening and balance my mind and myself in the healthiest ways. I've found more time to do things I enjoy like cooking, taking my new film camera for a spin, drawing, rebuilding my personal website and facetiming friends and family. I've even found more joy in the simplest of things like watching my plants grow, a face mask and candle night a week or playing cards with my housemates (I'm lucky to live with 3 amazing friends). I've also had plenty of TV show splurges (catching up on Westworld has been my highlight).

From here, I'll still incorporate these things into my weeks, but finding balance with a focus on work. I'm starting to plan ahead on projects that I want to work on and work that I value. Working alongside artists and producers, venues and platforms such as Muso are on the top of my list. I don't think it's any secret that once this pandemic slows down and the country and world can get back on their feet, there will be a surge of events and a demand for the arts and music. So I plan to prepare myself for this time by building new connections, nurturing and supporting current ones in any way I can and when the right time comes, I think our industry will come together and excel like it never has before.

Every person is different and finding themselves in a different situation or dealing with it differently. Some people are coping well with the change, others not really. I found struggle at first and sometimes still do, but it's all about positivity and persistence. As silly as it sounds, I find just simply telling yourself to be confident to get through, is enough once you've told yourself 20 times a day. The more you live by your positivity, the more positive outcomes you find arise, but the only way to find it is to just keep reaching for it and not give up. On another note - we will never have this time again in our lifetime. Put it to good use; connect with those you care about and support those doing good things. Finish those projects you started and never finished, pick up a or multiple new hobbies, wind down and finish that Netflix series you've slept on. Use your time usefully, whether it be to find fun in simple things or new hobbies, catch up on the sleep-ins we always dreamed of back in our 9-5's, absorb information or work. Persist on SOMETHING and I promise you, you will be rewarded in the long run."

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