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"My name is Liam and I'm a videographer and content creator orginally from the UK, currently based in Melbourne seeking new opportunities (and better weather). Since COVID-19 it's been a bit of a struggle with clients having to pull events that have been planned weeks in advance. It's something that we're all having to adapt to, and it's been widely broadcast that the hospitality industry has been affected massively by it, which is where a lot of my work comes from.

Making sure everyone is safe and not within a certain distance is so important right now and is going to help slow down the spread which is what is needed, but is ultimately putting a halt on a lot of work that was in the pipeline!

As things stand at the moment, office-based companies are still in operation so I'm focusing on reaching out to that type of clients, because they might still need video content, whether it's for Facebook ads, product explainer videos or online classes!

For the time being though, applying for remote editing jobs through freelance sites is something that I know many editors are doing as it does look like we're heading straight into full isolation.

Try to stay positive and think of ways to keep working remotely!"

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