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I'm Luisa, a 20 year old Brazilian born singer/song-writer that's been singing for over a decade now! You could find me regularly performing gigs at LazyBonesLounge in Sydney last year whilst I was studying my Bachelor Of Music and recently recorded 4 original songs in Gloria Estefan's studio in Miami (where the likes of Baby J-Lo + Shakira recorded their debut songs, Ricky Martin , Eminem and even Disney soundtracks!)

Covid-19 has made such a big impact on the arts + entertainment industry and pulled away such a big piece of so many people's hearts, my plan this year was to hustle, hustle after releasing my debut single "Wild One" and be able to gig as a solo artist or even in a band! But unfortunately plans change and from gigging and working and studying my life is now keeping to myself at home and privately songwriting, trying to promote my song as much as I can and working to create more music once I have the chance to record again!

To stay sane, I've been journalling to really reflect and get my emotions out or picking up new hobbies I didn't have before, like baking or taking free tafe-courses for brand marketing to help with my music etc - not every day is going to be a spark of creativity or just music or songwriting or this flow of inspiration and during Covid I think the biggest takeaway i've had is to be gentle with myself and my progress and that everyone is in the same boat! I think there's this pressure many young artists put on themselves as if they're running a race with other competitors or even themselves and I think it's important to be able to take a step back and just be able to work in a slow-paced environment and just trust in the process and that it's temporary!

My biggest giveaway to others struggling during this time is to be kind to yourself and do things you actually enjoy doing! So if you're an artist that has just been dreading doing music or other creative things during this time - that's okay! Go and do something that won't mentally stress you out so much and do something you actually like even if it's totally opposite and I promise your creative juices won't be gone forever and your routine will come back again!

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