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"I’m Lukas John, an independent artist from Melbourne.  I moved from Sydney two years ago to work closely with my manager, Sam, at Melodic Music. Most recently, released my third single, Tail Lights. 

I was due to embark on an East Coast tour in April, which Covid-19 unfortunately pushed back until the first half of 2021.  It was challenging to see the positive side of the events and for the first while I took the cancellation and lockdown pretty hard.  I’d say that lasted the better part of two weeks, and it didn’t feel great; so I started writing.  Everyday.  Different chord patterns, words and playing around with different sounds – anything I could do to keep the flame alive and continue my musical journey.  Needless to say, I’ll be very excited once some of the production and writing work I’ve done comes to the forefront and finds its feet; that’ll make the whole lockdown period worth it!

For any musician struggling with keeping mentally active or finding the motivation to move forward with new music I’d like to offer two titbits of advice.

1) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  We’ve all been flung into this situation and its most likely pushed back everyone’s goals and plans significantly.  If this is the boat that you’re in, I can only offer my personal experience; once I ran with the idea that the timeline’s I’d put together had been inadvertently changed, it helped immensely.   

2) You aren’t going through this solo.  Reach out to others in the industry and those outside too. You’ll get different perspectives and I’ve found that realising everyone is going through this together helps too!

With any luck, Covid-19 is drawing to an abrupt end and we can return to normal.  For me, the first thing I’ll be planning when we revert is reinstating my East Coast tour. That hope at the end of the tunnel is helping me to push forward to the better days!"

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