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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

"My name is Maddy, I am the founder and front woman of the Melbourne based music project, Velvet Bloom. I run 'Sonic Textures' and Co run 'Fem Jams' at the NightCat, these projects empower woman and bring them to the front.

Sonic Textures had been operating for an entire year with gender diverse line ups every week and Fem Jams had been running for 4 months. Fem Jams is an all female jam space designed to connect woman, it was paired with a female networking meet up called 'Music Biz Besties'. The other initiative that I co run is a not for profit organisation called Flo Creative. My business partner and I flip events with artists, musicians and local businesses - donating 50% of profits to different charities. We have raised money for AIME, The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Vic, QLD & NSW fire departments, WIRES, Sister2Sister and Headspace. Flo Creative also releases a quarterly magazine promoting musicians, artists and local businesses with 50% of profits going towards different organisations."

COVID-19 has affected Maddy’s entire income as she relies solely on the entertainment industry for her earnings. ALL shows and tours have been cancelled for Vevet Bloom and Flo Creative. Sonic Textures and Fem Jams at the Night Cat have been cancelled indefinitely.

"The over saturation of musicians in Melbourne will mean that all artists are trying to promote merch sales and online streaming which will be super competitive. I'm going to partake in a business short course and utilise this time to ensure that all of the admin side of things for her projects are in order."

Her message to the community:

"The music / arts community is so incredible supportive and through every hardship I’m always so proud of their contribution to different causes! We will rebuild and get through this tough time as a community. Holla if you need anything at all, I’m here."

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