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"My name is Madi Leeds and I’m an indie-pop artist from Melbourne and I'm a part time music teacher.

Due to COVID-19 (along with a billion other artists of course) I’ve had all of my multiple future gigs cancelled. I typically have 1 or 2 shows (sometimes more if I’m lucky!) a week - so when everything began to escalate and venues began closing and everybody was losing work, it really took a while to accept.

I also had a planned single release (‘Spinelli’) that came out on March 27th, in which all face-to-face interviews, radio performances and other projects were cancelled. Even radio phone interviews had to be put off as many producers are unable to even get into the studio.

This is really affecting everyone but first handedly I’m seeing just how much the arts industry is suffering.

My plan is trying to stay as busy as I can in these conditions - staying motivated, inspired and utilising this time to write. When I don’t play music for a while, I really don’t feel like myself (corny but true!).

For so many artists it’s not just about the financial loss but the loss of major mental health benefits from playing live which will now be unattainable.

Honestly, just let yourself feel what you need to feel. If you want to spend all day recording new music - that’s fine. If you want to spend all day playing animal crossing or watching movies - that’s also fine. Everyone is different but for me personally I’ve found keeping a good routine, setting tasks to motivate yourself whilst also staying inspired is helpful. Download the House Party App and talk to your friends as well - you don’t have to be alone in this and everyone is feeling a similar way and missing that connection. The future is too uncertain and difficult to comprehend but by taking thing’s day by day, it can be a start."

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