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"I’m Max and I’m a singer / songwriter / musician and aspiring music therapist. I was raised in Canberra, grew up on Green Day, Crowded House and musical theatre. After many years of figuring it out, I’m about to release my first EP later this year. I am also studying Psychology at Melbourne University to get into a Masters of Music Therapy.

I’m sure everyone has a story about that strange, stressful COVID weekend when everything started closing. For me, it was my casual job and all the work for my first single launch, including finally forming a band, falling away, it was like … damn. But Zoom university is okay and the band will be back together someday! I’m at home, moving around inside, then the backyard! I’m working on things I’ve been neglecting, like my fear of posting on YouTube, learning how livestreams work, setting up my room and getting into video games and movies again. I’m also very slowly writing an audiobook album. It can feel like a lot of square-eyed screen time sometimes. I also surprisingly managed to collaborate with someone on a song through Zoom!

My housemate and I have started doing a circuit a few times a week complete with 80s tunes, chin-ups and learning to do the splits from an app. I also run by the creek in Coburg North for a bit of a nature getaway. You also have to experiment, like playing catch with junk mail is surprisingly fun.

I’d say if there’s one thing you’ve been neglecting that you wish you did in your routine (like meditation and journaling for me), spending just 1 minute doing that thing a day, then giving yourself a pat on the back is a nice start.

Also, how nice is the wholesome bonding in the music community online at the moment!"

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