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"My name is Maya Rose, I’m an emerging R&B singer-songwriter from Castlemaine, Victoria. I perform vocals and keys solo and with a backing band (bass, drums, sax) in my local area and in Melbourne. Last year I released my Debut EP “Time”.

I had gigs planned in Melbourne in March-April but they were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. The shows were at bars where there was already an audience and also supporting established Melbourne artists. I was really looking forward to a show at Birds Basement. As a regional artist these gigs give me exposure to new and bigger audiences that I cannot get where I am. I lost opportunities to network and interact with new audiences. Once these plans changed I didn’t know what to do with myself musically. I wasn’t motivated to write at first. Slowly, I thought of little things I could still do to share my music such as recording a cover of a song and posting it. The need to write returned as I wanted to express how I was affected and feeling about coronavirus at that time.

I’m enjoying this time at home, as a quiet person I’m comfortable in this situation. I’ve been cooking, exercising, listening to music, gardening, photographing the changing seasons. I’m now shifting my focus onto different areas of my music. I have been writing new songs, applying to mentorship programs, grants, song-writing competitions. I’m still applying to music festivals that will take place late 2020 early 2021 even though I don’t know if they will go ahead or if they do, what they will look like. I’ve done a couple Instagram LIVE performances. It’s a very different experience compared to doing gigs in person but it’s a good way to keep practicing and developing as a performer and connection with an audience. I’m planning to start recording new material by distance with a producer in Melbourne in June. I’m hoping to come out of isolation with some great new music and have finished tracks ready to release.

Motivation comes in waves and sometimes I won’t feel like working on my music but I try to remember there is always something I can do to progress it in some-way. Whether it’s practicing my craft (vocals and keys), learning something new, writing new material, applying for a competition/festival etc, sharing parts of my quarantine life online, connecting with other musicians online and sharing my music in a video, interview or InstaLive. This is a great opportunity of uninterrupted time. I try not to put too much pressure on myself or have any expectations but I like to make sure I’ve achieved something to do with my music each day, even if it’s small. That’s what has been helping me. This is a precious time to be taken advantage of and I’m trying to make the best of it. "

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