• Romanie Assez


"My name is MorningMaxwell - im a producer from Melbourne, in particular the leafy suburb of Warrandyte! I am a DJ who plays shows and festivals every weekend and I also run an events company promoting local djs and acoustic artists playing around pubs bars and other events throughout melbourne.

The entire events industry has been affected. None of the places I playat as MorningMaxwell are legally allowed to operate and no one can run private events. Bars restaurants and other venues have all been severely impacted.

I’m working very hard with making music currently. It’s not an instant financial reward but I view this time similarly to a fruit picker. If I ran an orange farm in Mildura doing only seasonal oranges, I couldn’t pick fruit all year round, I’d have to spend periods of time planting seeds and regenerating soil - thats my time at the moment!🌳🍊

Use this odd time as a chance to learn - new and old things. Also use this time reflect on what’s important to you and what makes you excited and thankful for the ‘normal world’ we are fortunate enough to live in and experience each day."

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