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I’m Peta Petidis, the head of community at Muso. My involvement in the creative industries extends across music to freelance journalism, podcasting and community radio. 

Covid-19 has stunted my ability to reach out to our artists in a live and physical setting - our events have moved online and there are limited gig opportunities for performing artists. It’s heartbreaking to hear the impact of this pandemic on our artists, and it’s so frustrating especially in Victoria waiting for the moment when we can all celebrate the reengagement of live music. 

During the second wave I’ve gotten back to my writing and creating new relationships. I’ve started a podcast with one of our Muso ambassador’s Jess Heap (Jesabel) - it’s keeping us busy and very very entertained, pls get around it @thoughtsandfeelspodcast - we’re featuring Muso’s every week so get in on it!

Some words of wisdom from me would be to not let this time halt your creativity. It’s a challenge and it will impede on your motivation but let the creativity come back to you - adapt and change, it’s the only way.

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