• Romanie Assez


"My name is RISSA and I am a musician. My life consists of writing songs, teaching new and established singers and collaborating with talented creatives around me.

At first, covid and I were cool, we were both staying out of each others way, but then March came & so did the cancellation of 2 months worth of secured session work & gigs. It was a hard reality to face not only for myself but also my friends around me, we were all going through the exact same thing. Covid was not playing fair and it took me a hot minute to accept this temporary restricted lifestyle. After 2 weeks of riding a rollercoaster of emotions trying to keep up with the massive changes covid hit the world with, I finally jumped off that bummy rollercoaster, cleaned my room & wrote a list of things I could do to keep busy, motivated & stimulated during this isolation season. 

Among realising I’m not too bad at cooking and maybe buying dinner every night like I used to (pre-covid) isn’t necessary, I have been teaching online 3 days a week, as well as continuing a smaller amount of session work from my home and even built up the mental strength to continue working on my own original music. I also took it upon myself to call and talk to someone daily to help me stay connected to my friends, family and creative circle (super good for the soul!).

The strength and love that i’ve seen in the people around me has been beautiful! But as a creative I do want to let others know: Don’t feel pressured to do more than you need to because “we have so much time”. Do what makes you feel good & remember that even when you’re on your own, you are not alone. The technology we have access to right now is amazing and being able to call your friends and hear their voice/see their face is a small way we can stay connected despite being apart physically. Also, being outdoors is proper healing! Whether you have a little bit of outdoor area or big bit, take a minute to be in the sun and BREATHE. Try your best to stay positive, you are blessed.

Go ahead and experiment with all these little things that you may not have done before. Discover new things about yourself, treat yourself and remember that we really are all in this together!

SO don’t stress because we’re getting ready to send that break-up text to covid and when we finally dump covid like the mess that it is, we’re all gonna party together again!"

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