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"My name is Ronny Haryanto. I’m General Manager of Australia's largest and longest running recording studio Studios 301, A&R of Interface Music - a record label who releases music with artists such as Boomchild, Dylan Wight, Ally George, and Ray Beadle. I’m a working musician singing for a number of bands in the Sydney music scene, I’m a songwriter signed to 120 Music publishing, I have two artist projects at the moment myself, St Christoph & Shaade and Boswell, I’m a new father, a husband and hopefully a nice guy (hopefully). I’ve been blessed to create and live a life 24/7 in the industry.

On the Studios 301 front - when Covid came through it pretty much completely evaporated the recording studio space side of the business and any attended type business activity (events, 301 Academy etc), so we did it pretty rough. Thankfully we do have a number of services such as mastering and unattended mixing which still remained during this time so our engineers were able to still work. Shout out to the 301 team here as all they really banded together through this time and continue to make the best of a shitty situation. When the chips are down people really show their true nature and I’m lucky to have an amazing group of people built around our facility.

What 301 have experienced though in the last few months that the restrictions have eased (or rather people are getting used to doing things under candid restrictions and guidelines) is that there is a big push to create content and create ways to reach an audience now that we can’t do it in person. Live gigging wise I haven't had any gigs other than a small handful of zoom gigs. Coming off a corporate season at the start of the year where i was working up to 5 nights a week that's a drastic change. I know a lot of my circle are just starting to see bits and pieces here and there now. Some homies have gone back to full time work in other professional work, I think everyone is doing what they can to stay positive but it's really tough. Jobkeeper/Seeker is propping a large majority of us up. What it has forced people to do is what they do best, be creative.

But yeah live music/ live musician and gigging wise, it sux. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. It’s been back to the drawing board for a lot of things this year which was all built around artists playing live. Steaming is an option but monetising that is only really in early days.

I’ve tried to look at the glass being half full. This time has actually allowed me to spend all my time with my 10 month old daughter and my family. That’s priceless for me. 

Work wise the studios 301 team and I have been really working hard to reset and find a new way forward. Everyone is just pushing forward and rolling with the waves. Personally music wise I’ve had some time to work on some of my own artist projects as a creative outlet which is great. I’m a firm believer that you need a creative outlet to stay sane.

I think the biggest thing is that we have to find the new way of doing things or what the “new normal” is. I don’t think we can just sit and wait for this thing to roll over and it’s going to go back to normal. It’s only the new normal. We’re seeing that in Melb now so we need to find ways to do what we do whether that’s play music, create, release music etc. Taking a step back and getting some breathing space I think is something that has been well appreciated. Pre covid I think I could have kept going on the hamster wheel running as fast as I could in the same spot. I’ve had some time to get some perspective, pivot and even see where i’m doing things wrong and hopefully make some positive change. I hope people can see it that way as well.

The crazy weird comforting thing has been that it has created an equal playing field in a lot of ways for content creators and creatives. So we can do what we do best and create and also come up with some creative solutions for these challenges.

Another key thing I’ve found is that you need to love the shit out of the key people that are around you and support each other. The people that have your back, support you, champion you, push you and fly your flag, you need to really appreciate those people and keep them close. Find them, love them back and keep them close. In your personal and professional life."

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