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"Hey there everyone, my name is Seb Szabo and I’m a songwriter based in Melbourne. I’m primarily focused on my solo ventures, and also play guitar/occasional keys for Paige Black.

Like many others living the nomadic musician life, COVID-19 has certainly had its detriments. My shows for the year, including several in New York City, have been postponed indefinitely, andthe absence of other work means I’m relying on savings for now. However, also like many musicians beginning their careers, previously I was working my ass off juggling music with part-time work, which meant limited time for both enterprises. With hospitality work obsolete for now, I can devote as much time as I like to music, whether it be sorting through admin on the back-burner, sharpening up demos, or recording and prepping for releases. Time is our most precious commodity in life and it’s actually something of a relief to take a temporary breather from the pressure of multiple jobs.

Personally I enjoy being busy, and I’m fortunate enough to have continued to record my first EP (with social distancing in the studio), and I’m looking forward to the challenge of discovering new ways to connect with an audience through this odd time. I’m streaming live on Wednesday nights with guests and have created some videos for YouTube. On a personal note, I’m using all this extra time for exercise (trying to obtain a beach bod three months too late… or 9 months too early) and watching The Last Dance and Peaky Blinders on Netflix. Michael Jordan and Cillian Murphy, both the GOAT in their own ways.

Firstly, for any musicians out there - your music is of more value to people than you may realise, and an audience needs musicians as much as musicians need an audience. If you’re in the position mentally, emotionally or financially, to help uplift people or unite people through your music, your audience will appreciate every effort you make to bring some joy amidst a chaotic and uncertain time.

Secondly, having perspective is important. A lot has been made of how musicians are being hit hardest by the crisis, but we’re also lucky in lots of ways. We have an outlet for our struggles and can still be productive musically (eg. recording, writing) if we so choose. There are thousands of ordinary people out there who have lost their jobs, who have lost family members, or who are suffering from the virus themselves.

That being said, everything is relative. This is an unprecedented situation. Stay honest with yourself about how you’re feeling, be kind to yourself and continue to look after your friends, family and community. We’re all on the same side of this crisis, this is not forever, and I hope we’ll emerge as a more resilient and united community. Much love to you reading this, stay safe! Seb x"

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