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"My name is Tom, I am a singer/songwriter and I go by the artist name ‘Tombolo.’ Performing in venues around Melbourne town & building a connected creative community is what gets me through most days.

It’s an interesting time for everyone, I guess you could say times have always been interesting and we’re just experiencing a symptom of these strange days.

I have been adjusting to this stay-at-home period by creating some DIY videos, trying to connect with my audience as authentically as possible and eating lots of pasta. Unfortunately before I was able to announce my planned east coast tour, I have had to postpone it.

If I felt like saying anything to anyone right now, it would be the exact same thing I have been saying to myself these days and that is; take it easy. You don’t have to write the most fantastic song or, get the most engagement on that cover you just posted to Instagram or, do a backwards-frontflip-bear-roll on the trampoline. You don’t have to do anything. Do what feels right. Go for a walk. Listen to them birds or your favourite artist. Connect to what makes you feel ok, and as Kate Tempest would put it ‘Hold your own’ (this song by Kate has helped me through those really hard days)

I am so grateful for where I am at. This creative community we have in Melbourne has been solace to me amid all the chaos and I don’t mean just now in the global pandemic, but always. I can’t wait to play in a room full of warm faces and hopefully next time with a full band. Until then: stay well."

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