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My name is Tristen Bird and I am an independent South Australian songwriter, musician, promoter, tour manager, producer & studio owner.

How it has affected me - well, first thing of course is the shows are gone for the time being which for someone who relies on the weekly gigs thats immediately difficult. The bigger headache is watching 3-9 months of planning for tours and showcase events going down the drain with it being difficult to make plans ahead. I was shortlisted to showcase for SXSW in Austin Texas this year which would’ve been great, I particularly feel for those artists that were confirmed and paid out for flights and accomodation.

Right now I’ve got my head down into album writing at the moment so the time and the quiet is certainly good for that. I’m working on a couple of studio projects for other people still which will be the focus as well.

I think the best tip is to slow down and make the most of the time. Very few of us get to do that and certainly in this industry there’s little downtime unless you’re waiting for busses, planes or driving somewhere!

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