• Romanie Assez


"I’m a musician, singer/song-writer/keys player and audio engineering student in Naarm (Melbourne city) and co-founder of FEMJAMS at The Night Cat in Fitzroy, A jam space that empowers females and non-binary people.

Since little miss thang Rö-NAH hit the town, It has stopped all my work and forms of income, as it has for many other people.

“I said goodbye for now” to gigs in march and shot finger guns/ waved “see ya laterz doll” to my hospo job too. I used to work in a beautiful little restaurant on spring street, switching my brain off, making coffees, sipping oat lattes, talking absolute smack with my co-workers (God I miss gossip, seriously what’s the 411 people)

Now I over think at home and drink way too much green tea. ew.

I’ve spent most of my time sub-consciously panicking and trying to stay calm this pandemic season. I’ve been making a lot of lists, and trying to tick them. I’ve been learning how to be kind to myself when I couldn’t do the things I planned. I realised this is a chance to study myself and figure out how to be happy best.

I was diagnosed with severe depression under a year ago, and I haven’t really dealt with it. I’m on medication but I haven’t tried out any other resources, as life was just happening, music and gigs were keeping my mind busy and I thought I was just fine, getting by pretty okay! but guess what! as soon as it all stopped I was left with me, my thoughts and I and we’re one mean trio! think Heathers!

I’m just starting to explore the other side of things now, trying out over the phone therapy sessions and addressing bad mental habits. really getting to know myself, no distractions now, so I really have to face myself.

I think this is a rare, once in a life time opportunity I’m getting here. How many people get to experience the world pausing? I know some people beg for it, I used to have a friend that would disappear every few months to go on a 3 week long silent yoga retreat, which cost around $300. I think if you’re privileged to be financially okay during this time, try to think of it as a bougie retreat (I hate that too but lets just go with it, it’s the best I’ve got lol)

If you’re really into to do lists like I am, I really recommend making ‘survival' to do lists. lists of things you need to feel okay, to just be human. mine looks like this:

- Drink enough water

- Eat your veggies

- Get at least 1 hour of walk in the sun (vitamin D does wonders for mood!)

- Don’t ‘socially distance’, only ‘physically’. Call someone (i’m a people’s person, I need people!)

A wise friend once told me “if you’re not feeling good, make sure you’e at least ticking off the basics, it’s just like trying to stop a crying baby”

Figure out what stops your baby from crying, and just be kind to yourself, remember, you’re living through a pandemic, there’s no such thing as normal right now, you choose what that looks like for you. and most importantly, you don’t have to do this alone."

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